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Don't miss out on the Train Ugly Workshop
coming to Salt Lake City on Saturday, December 17th!

Check out the info link HERE.


Articles you really need to read:

In Criticism of Praise

Caution: Praise Can Be Dangerous

Decision Training: An Innovative Approach to Coaching

Practical Considerations for Giving Feedback

Maximizing Time on Task


Videos you really need to watch:

Learning Like a Jungle Tiger (5 minutes)

Growth Mindset...What it is, How it works, Why it matters (8 minutes)

Motor Learning: Block vs. Random Practice (16 minutes)

Mistakes: To Get Better, You Have to Get Ugly (18 minutes)

John Kessel - USA Volleyball: Motor Learning (34 minutes) - great for all sport coaches


Books you really need to buy and read:

The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle

Mindset by Carol Dweck


Websites you really need to bookmark:


John Kessel Blog

Basketball Immersion

Teaching Offense with a Games Based Approach

The Talent Code: A Gauge for Measuring Effective Practice


Practice Drill/Challenge Downloads or Videos you will want:

Decision Making Drill Book

Team Toughness Drill Book

Any drill from www.basketballimmersion.com (yearly membership fee...worth it!)

Anita's PDF of Drills

Simplified 5-Out Zone Offense